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 “We have been doing this show for nine seasons and it feels like an eternity. And to have this warm of a reception and to be getting awards nine seasons later; I share Katy Perry’s sentiment, we have the best fans in the world. And I really can’t thank you enough. I also just want to say that after nine seasons, definitely my favorite moments have been looking in your eyes and seeing your smiles and your faces light up on the street or wherever we are. Hearing your stories whether they are heart breaking or hilarious. The fans of this show have truly touched me in way I never thought possible. So for that, I am forever grateful.”


You’re kidding, right? 🔪

greysmeme + [2/2] deaths - george o’malley.

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Now I'm just known as McDreamy,
I've lost all identity as Patrick Dempsey,
I'm now McDreamy.


Patrick Dempsey Appreciation Week Day 1

“It is challenging. I have my days where I feel really guilty that I’ve been here every day if I have to work a lot. But… I am so lucky to live in a country where a girl like me can make this kind of living, achieve her dreams and reach her goals. And I don’t think anywhere else in the world can girls have the freedom that we do here to have these amazing careers and be mothers.”

— Ellen Pompeo finds juggling career and parenting challenging / February 18, 2012

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